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Medical Support.
Medical technologies exist to support NFP users who are experiencing hormonal imbalances and confusing charts. As well, these technologies support couples who are experiencing infertility, without the financial, physical, and moral issues associated with InVitro technology.

Achieve or postpone pregnancy naturally.
Managing fertility doesn’t have to involve chemicals, implants, or drugs to be effective. And it doesn’t require prolonged abstinence either. Science has discovered the best way to postpone or achieve pregnancy is not by fighting a woman’s fertility cycle, but understanding it.

Scientifically Proven. 99% effective.
Exceeding the most advanced contraceptive drugs and devices, modern NFP helps you confidently achieve your family plan while providing state-of-the-art health monitoring right at home.

Signs of Fertility.
Unlike the old Calendar Rhythm Method (which is more than 95 years old), modern Natural Family Planning is designed to monitor each woman’s unique fertility cycle. By being aware of specific changes in the woman’s body, a couple can pinpoint exactly when their window of fertility is occurring.

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